Cupcake Frosting for a Rainy Day

Dear Chicago House,

Was it too much to ask that your basement stay bone dry after 3″ of rain in a 24hr period? At least it was only a small puddle that was easily dried up with an a couple of old tea towels …but still!

Chicago teenager likes to bake, especially when it is raining so last night she trashed the kitchen ( really!) and whipped up a really yummy batch of cup cakes complete with a rather unique frosting.

Don’t they look sumptuous!

The frosting recipe was from a baking recipe book that belonged to my Welsh granny¬† and was titled “American Frosting”

Well, having lived in the USA for over 17 years and eaten many cakes in that time, I can truly say that I have never come across this taste or texture before. It was a cross between meringue and marshmallow and lets just say there aren’t as many cakes on the platter now as in the photo.

So I thought I’d share the frosting recipe with you


1 egg white
4 tablespoons water
few drops of vailla essence
1 cup (or 8 oz) of sugar

Put the water and sugar into a sauce pan and heat on low until the sugar is dissolved and reaches a temperature of 240 def F. This takes about 5 minutes. Whisk the egg white until it is very stiff then gradually add the hot syrup whisking all the time. Whisk until the frosting is thick and creamy, this takes about 5 minutes.

Spread immediately as the frosting sets very quickly


Love from

Creative in Chicago


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