A Free Printable Greetings Card: Abstract Triangles

Dear Chicago House,

I had a sudden desire to create a graphic with triangles this week and after 20 minutes on Adobe Illustrator I had designed this.

abstract triangle graphic

It is the sort of thing I love to let my eye wander over, it has a 3D quality that can be viewed in many different ways.

Because I designed it as a vector I am able to scale it up and down without any loss in quality and am considering creating a great big canvas to hang on the wall.

In the mean time I used it to created another free card you can download ( CLICK HERE)

free printable greeting card

Print it on a thick card stock using your desktop printer and you have a card you can send to anyone, male, female, young or old.

If you download it please let me know by commenting on this post!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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7 thoughts on “A Free Printable Greetings Card: Abstract Triangles

  1. Thanks for the great card. I'm always looking for pretty cards to send to my stepmother in a care center. This one will brighten her day! Thanks again.

  2. really great card!!! i love it so much…any chance you would like to sell the vector for some change :)??

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