An Hour with my Box of Pencils

Dear Chicago House,

It has been a crazy month for all sorts of reasons too boring to go into here but there is nothing like a bit of creative indulgence to help me unwind.

I was searching online a few days ago looking for a picture of an octopus… I had a sudden desire to draw one (yes I know I am weird but my days have been filled with tricky coding and I wanted to soothe my mind with something visual). I never did find an octopus I liked  but instead found an interesting approach to creating some abstract art. (details here)

So I plonked myself down in the sun room with my sketch book and a box of Inktense pencils and enjoyed a delicious hour of creativity.

As you can see I I am not quite finished yet and I don’t think I will be in time for Arty Farty Friday.
Chicago teenager joined me in the sunroom, but her form of relaxation is a little different from mine. Oh to be that supple!

What you been up to lately?

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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