Perfect Snow for Snowmen

Dear Chicago House,

The snow we had last week is almost all gone but while it was here, it really was the perfect snow for building snowmen…or in our case a beautiful “snow lady”.

building a snowmanbuilding a snowman

I am so pleased that Chicago teenager doesn’t think she is too old to do this. I don’t think you ever get too old to enjoy this sort of fun. Our beautiful snow lady was built on a patch of virgin snow we found while out walking in a local forest preserve and attracted quite a lot of attention from the skiers zooming around on their blades. One couple of ladies spent a good five minutes photographing it and giving Chicago teenager design tips…she was having none of it! She was so pleased with her beautiful creation she posed with it and said.. shock of all shocks.. ” You can use the photograph on your blog!”

We had a fun walk and had another great photo opportunity with icicles which became fangs…I am not allowed to share that photo but I will leave you with this little gem.

chicago snowscape

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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