From Wood Scrap to Beautiful Fish

Dear Chicago House,

In your garage was a scrap of wood, a scrap of wood that became a beautiful fish sculpture.

I’d like to take credit but I can’t. That all goes to Chicago teenager who not only got busy with hand tools but  also painted this beautiful abstract pattern creating a one of a kind fish sculpture.

To make one here is what you will need
  • A piece of scarp wood. The piece she used was left overs from a deck board repair  2 by 4 and about 12″ long.
  • Hand saw
  • Sand paper
  • Acrylic craft paints
What next?
  • With a pencil, draw a very simple fish shape on your wood – avoid curved lines as these are difficult to cut with a hand saw. Straight lines work best.
  • Get busy with that hand saw and cut along your lines – this was hard work and did require a little assistance from Mr Chicago’s muscles!
  • Once you have the basic fish shape sand the wood really creating rounded edges and a nice smooth surface for painting
  • Using acrylic craft paint create any abstract pattern you like…triangles really work well


Love from
Creative in Chicago


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