A funny laugh out loud book.

Dear Chicago House,

Just about 100% of  creative skills have been directed towards work recently with little time left for anything else. So I thought I’s share with you today what I have been working on.

Its a book …

a very funny book …

and got published today!

Hooray for Mr Bison’s Journal, by Edward Bison. So far it is only available as a Kindle book, but the paperback is due for release next week.

It’s is a collection of over 100 stories and observations and when I read it I literally cried with laughter. I illustrated each of the stories with a pen and ink drawing…and I can tell you now I had to draw some pretty bizarre stuff. Toilets feature highly in this book so I will leave the imagination up to you!

I also designed the cover and formatted the whole thing ready for print,generated a copy compatible with the Kindle, revamped the author  website ready for the launch, made a promotional video, and persuaded Mr Bison that he needed a Facebook fan page …phew… it was a mega load of work and now I am tacking the promotion part of the project

But at last it is out there and if you are after a good laugh I highly recommend it… at only $6.99 it’s a bargain…BUY NOW

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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