A warm welcome to my new writer: Chicago Teen

Dear Chicago House,

So with Chicago teenager home for the summer I am letting her loose on this  blog for the odd post, so it’s over to her…let’s hope she behaves herself! Please give a warm welcome to Chicago teen.

Love from

Creative in Chicago


Hello to the enormous world of blogging!
So my mom’s referred to me a few times in her blog, but I can’t complain (I prefer to receive the credit for my random crafts.) Anyway, she has decided to let me start writing on Creative in Chicago, as I have a whole summer ahead of me. Although I can’t promise to write every day (you all must be so sad, I know) I’ll try my best to keep you all updated with our latest projects. 

Here are some things about me:

  • I am only a teenager.
  • I get bored A LOT.
  • I love art, but  I hate being forced to make something.
  • I am a strong believer in only making something that has a use.

….and I really don’t know what else to write….

Looking forward to providing you with our latest and greatest ideas!
Chicago Teen

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5 thoughts on “A warm welcome to my new writer: Chicago Teen

  1. As a mom of a Chicago teen and a tween (the teen is a boy the tween a girl) I'm intrigued and curious and interested in learning more from Chicago teen perspectives …

    … and to see how they match up with my "L" riding teen …



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