Arty Farty Friday #14 and a Secret Message

Dear Chicago House,

I have a bit of a thing for intertwining shapes together and as well as producing interesting  pieces of art, it is a skill that has served me well professionally.

  • Getting paid for playing around with shapes and form: Check!
  • Getting a US patent based on hiding messages in interlocking shapes: Check!

Here is an image from the Patent  (United States Patent 5,479,507)

Can you guess what is hidden within?

hidden message

This image hiding technique was used on all sorts of security print from American Express Travelers checks, to the certificate of authenticity that came with Microsoft windows and even on some currency.

Who knew Arty Farty Friday would turn into a pop quiz. I’d love to hear your guess…of course if you visit the patent all will become clear but lets face it patents are not the most riveting read!

( stumped all is revealed here )

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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9 thoughts on “Arty Farty Friday #14 and a Secret Message

  1. Not so sure about the first one. I see Popeye in the 2nd one lol and if I turn it around it looks like 3 skulls lined up

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