Make a Paper Weight

Hi again,
 My mom sometimes has some great ideas, but not enough time to write about them…
So I’m writing the post for her!
painted rock paper weight
This time she created a cool little paper weight. It’s great for holding down all those annoying papers that fly  away in the wind. If you are interested in making a flowery paper weight, I included a tutorial.
What you need:
  • A fist sized stone, preferably a beige or white hue (a simple stone picked up from a beach will do)
  • Outdoor paint in black, white, and two greens (we used Folk Art Outdoor Acrylic Paint in Titanium White, Grass Green, and Licorice)
  • A paint brush with a fine tip
  • A work surface that you aren’t afraid to get messy
What to do:
  1. Make a black star by painting one X over another X (include about 10 of these stars with about half inch spaces between each other to evenly cover one side of your stone)
  2. Now paint a little dash in between each of the star spokes in the lighter green
  3. Fill up empty spaces by painting more dashes in the darker green
  4. Lastly add white dots in between each black star and sprinkle them around  all over the stone to your taste
  5. Now find some paper to weigh down…. but let the stone dry first
Like it?
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