Arty Farty Friday #15 and Secret Message Revealed

Dear Chicago House,

Swirly whirly, it is Arty Farty Friday so here are some water color twirls to celebrate.

But enough of this nonsense and lets get down to revealing the secret message I had hidden in last weeks Arty Farty that featured intertwining shapes.

Remember this

Well if reading the patent was not your thing (and no one would blame you for that…they are so…..YAWN), here is the answer.


Did I have you all stumped?

This patented method of hiding messages was used on all sorts of security documents to create anti counterfeit features. I can’t tell you how it works..I am sworn to secrecy.

Here is one I designed for the  Microsoft certificate of authenticity.

It is not the sexiest of design features but that is not it’s job. It is there to make counterfeiting the document more difficult.

Who knew design could be so science geeky!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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