Two Throw Pillow Ideas

Dear Chicago House,

There is nothing like a throw pillow for a pop of color in a room and does it surprise you that I like making my own. No thought not.

So here are a couple of ideas to rustle up a pair of unique throw pillows.

First We have a fun “dotty” pillow.

sew it yourself dotty pillow

I made a pair of these for the “Teenage penthouse” in the basement.

I started with a nice thick cotton in fushia ( two 19″x 19″ pieces) and cut circles of various sizes from the old curtain lining I salvaged when I ripped down the disgusting drapes originally on all of your windows.

I used the zigzag stitch on my machine to sew on the circles. When that was down I sewed the two squares of fushia fabric together…remembering to leave a gap so I could turn it inside out and stuff it with a pillow form.

sew it yourself dotty pillow

Next we have a little more ambitious pillow.

This one is made using home made stenciled fabric

stenciled fabric pillow

Like an idiot I was so engrossed while making this I completely forgot to photograph the process (how many of you blogger ladies do this!).

The swirl idea was born from my recent discovery of a bundle of long lost painting in a closet. ( see my pinspiration)

I sketched out my swirl design, transferred it to a piece of thick acetate then with an X-acto knife cut out the image area.

Guess what the white fabric is …yes more curtain lining! I cut out two 19″ square pieces and gave them a really good iron. I stuck my stencil down with blue painters tape and using a short bristled stencil brush and pot of fabric stencil paint got to work. Each time I moved the stencil I gave it a quick wipe as the  paint tends to build up along the edges on the stencil resulting in not such a sharp look.

When the fabric was dry I ironed it to fix the color. The color was a little deep so I gave it a wash and was much happier with the softer look.

stenciled fabric pillow

I sewed the two squares together even adding some piping to give it a little more pop.

And here they are posing in the garden!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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