Going Dotty with Nails

Dear Chicago House,

I am going to let you in on a little secret … I can not bear to have my nails long. This is about as long as I let them get.

But left to their own devices I think they would reach a monstrous length … they like to grow, and fast.

Chicago teenager however is dabbling with a more glamorous hand look. Just look what she let me do with her talons this past weekend. Painting is not just for walls or paper. Time for some creative body art.

I have seen all those fabulous pins on Pinterest so I thought I’d have a bash at some nail art myself . This was pretty easy to do and I think would have been even easier if our pots of nail varnish were not so gloopy.

Here is what I did

  1. Painted each nail with two coats of white.
  2. When the white was completely dry I dipped the head end of a pin ( the sort of pin you use in sewing) in a pink polish then dabbed it randomly over each nail. The pin required a dip per dot.
  3. Sealed everything with a clear top coat.
What fun!
Love from
Creative in Chicago
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