Free Greetings Card: Hedge Hog

Dear Chicago House,

Remember when I shared a page from my sketch book and how I turned one of my idle animal scribbles into a greeting card?

Skinny cat was a big hit, so I thought I’d take a look at that page again and create another card.

This time we have Hedge Hog…not an animal I have once seen in my 16 years in the USA but they are quite common in the UK.

You can download it for FREE here

or just click the photo below.

If you download please leave a comment.

free greetings card hedge hog

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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8 thoughts on “Free Greetings Card: Hedge Hog

  1. Cute! Hedgehog is one word, but it's adorable! My mom has a hedgehog as a pet. She's not very friendly but she sure is cute!

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