Come to the beach with me

Dear Chicago House,

Did you miss me? I have been gone for a whole week and spent it exploring the fantastic Californian coast. The forecast was for rain every day but as usual the weather man got it wrong and we only had a single wet day.

I got creative with my camera.

Just look at those fabulous colors (and just for the record none of these photos are enhanced by photoshop!)

and these crashing waves

wish I could grow these in my Chicago garden

A sky so blue


And I couldn’t not help but take a quick snap of this drift wood tree for my friend Karah over at the space between

Returning back to “the real world” after a vacation is always hard but I combed the beaches while I was there and have a bag of sea treasure to play with. Not enough sea glass to make one of these but maybe enough to do something like this.

Love from

Creative in Chicago



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6 thoughts on “Come to the beach with me

  1. Wow! So many beautiful pictures…which part of Cali? It looks familiar…we lived in Carmel for a few years…LOVED it.

    Thanks so much for the shout out and the pic of the tree. Glad to see I'm not the only one who keeps mine out all year.

    Welcome back to reality. 🙂

  2. We stayed at Dillon beach which is North of San Fran. I just love it out there and of course have been online to choose my next house! I'd love to live out there …I am a beach bum at heart trapped in the mid west!

    I also saw a really cool drift wood wall which sadly I didn't photograph, someone had taken an unsightly wall and covered it with a patchwork of driftwood

  3. Don't know how I managed to delete a comment but Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D left this lovely comment I mistakenly sent to oblivion!

    Your pics made me think of a fond memory from Southern California about 20 years ago – I was introduced to my first "ice plant."

    Such pretty ground cover – spreading wildly. (I have no idea what plant that is in the photo, but it brought the memory, nonetheless.

    Oh, how I wish we had driftwood here 🙂

  4. LOL – No worries…

    Sometimes I want to be sent to oblivion myself!
    This time, it was only my comment that went.

    I've been meaning to stop off at Home Depot for some herbs for an indoor garden. Might have to see if they have some ice plants, too. You'd inspired me.

    ~ Dana

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