Something on the Walls! Office Decor Progress

Dear Chicago House,

Let me start off saying a big thank you to all the birthday wishes last Friday. In that post you did have a little teaser to the progress I am making in my office, it seems to take me ages to get anything done around here but at last I am making headway. I have already shared  the paint job which took years off you, going from drab brown to a fresh “aqua breeze”

Now I have got around to  hanging some art on your walls, this takes me a little longer than the “normal human” because I am a self confessed art snob wanting pieces that are completely unique and insisting on creating everything myself.


I got handy,dandy with the drill and installed an Ikea Lack shelf then came my creations, the Sea and Sand string art (it was destined for the St Louis town house but I just love it here!), some gorgeous sea glass, a box frame of simple polished pebbles and some rope vases for some arty supplies.

And pulling back a little here is my desk

And lets take a little flash back in time to see what was.


Love from

Creative in Chicago



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7 thoughts on “Something on the Walls! Office Decor Progress

  1. Thanks so much for the link! I, too, love rocks! My father was a geologist, so we knew our way around a sedimentary, igenous, or metamorphic rock!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. You have such an artistic eye. The white space in your art and framing is such an important part of the look – one that I usually forget.

    Your pencil holders – are those just soup cans? – love them. Great texture, inexpensive, upcycled, and FUN!
    ~ Dana

  3. I love the framed rock collection, I pinned it, I think it would be the perfect project to do with my daughter who is a "collector" (just a nice word for "hoarder"). I'm now following you, so happy I found you on Addicted to Decorating link party.

  4. What a neat idea! My hubby is always picking up strange rocks & I had no idea what to do with them! I just keeping throwing them in a jar!

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