Playing with Pebbles and when I Grow Up

Dear Chicago House,

Today is my birthday so who says I can’t take a handful of beautifully polished pebbles and frame them.

Thank you to whoever invented the shadow box! (oooh like the framed sea glass and rope pots?)

And how about mulching house plants with them …seems to control my fruit fly population (why do those things always want to fly around my face?)

So I may be all grown up but this here blog is a mere infant and has only really been going for a little over six months.

Today there is a linky party over at It all started with paint where Linda has posed the question “What do you want your blog to be when it grows up?”

I am not sure if it will ever grow up, I may look all grown up but on the inside  I still feel 18, although I can’t see as well as I used to!

I started this blog to “vent” my creative endeavors   that were not appropriate to share on my business blog (that baby is in it’s 7th year!). It has been a great outlet in that respect and has the added bonus that I have “virtually” met some fun new blogging friends. I want to continue down this path and really love hearing from my readers.

I may be a bit of a geek but seeing my readership grow and my page views trend healthily upwards is very rewarding. Of course the more page hits the more revenue I get from my Google Ads, cha-ching. Bring on the money!

And because it is my birthday I think anyone reading this today should make sure they visit one of my sponsors, subscribe to my feed, follow me on Pinterest and Like me on Facebook. Gosh I Sound like a bit of a diva….maybe birthday cake for breakfast was a mistake!!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


Love from

Creative in Chicago


P.S. Are you following me on Facebook or Pinterest?

9 thoughts on “Playing with Pebbles and when I Grow Up

  1. Happy Birthday! We are both baby bloggers (mine is 5 months old). Maybe they should get together for a play date!

    And cake for breakfast – never a mistake! Added you to my Google reader.

  2. Happy Birthday Chicago House Diva! Hope you have some fun celebratory plans this weekend (and sorry it's such a cruddy day outside … you may need a second piece of the cake).

    And I think healthy growth in readers and sponsors and sponsor checks are admirable goals! Thanks for sharing here (loving you framed rocks and glass) and for linking up with us …



  3. From one geek to another…happy belated Birthday! And birthday cake for breakfast is never a mistake!

    Now I see why you needed the stones. Love them!!

    It's been fun e-meeting you in this here blog world,
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

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