Decorating a Home Office: Progress

Dear Chicago House,

Whew, boy did I ache when I had finished painting your office last week. Would you like a sneak peak of how it is looking today. I have a lot more to do like adding a gallery of art and putting up a floating shelf but already it feels so much better.

Bye bye to

  • Dark wood trim
  • Beige walls
  • dark stained built-ins
  • More horrible window treatments

Hello to

  • Crisp white trim
  • White built-ins
  • Soft blue walls (Aqua Breeze from Behr)
  • Naked windows!

Remember how you used to be?

I can’t wait to get going and make you complete, it is going to take time as I am snowed under with work as The Chicago web designer and also dealing with web design companies that have stolen my testimonials (I “out” them on my testimonial thieves wall of shame ..ha , don’t mess with me! )

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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10 thoughts on “Decorating a Home Office: Progress

  1. Loving the “new” paint color…(not so new any more, haha). Give me light any day over dark! What I have been crazy over tho, are your seaglass art! I have had this saved literally for years, had the shadow boxes bought forever & still have not begun! I know, right, what an I waiting for? It’s the matting I don’t have on my frames. I didn’t think it would look right w/o the matting so I’m at a halt before I even begin. I am going to go for it tho…enough is enough. Haha when I have mine completed I’ll send you a pic! Thank you SO much for your inspiration!

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