Art for a Dining Room

Dear Chicago House,

It may seem I jump around from room to room in your grand makeover and it’s true I do. Last week I painted your office and instead of focusing on getting that room ship shape here I am hanging art in your dining room. Now to be honest these pictures have been in the making for a while ( I worked out my color palette here) …but it takes time to get frames and mats, you know how it goes. So they sat around for a few weeks looking like this.


But now they are matted framed and hung…whopppee, exactly the contemporary feel I was going for in your dining room.

Getting there slowly but surely…all while nursing a blistered finger I dripped hot glue on. Ouch!

Anyone else got anything wacky hanging in their dining room?

Oh and just for fun lets take a little look back in time a remember what I started with in this room.

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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