How to Knit Cable Knit Pillows

Dear Chicago House,

It may be hyper trendy right now but I have been knitting for years.Clackity clack.

In preparation for cooler days in your sun room I have dug out a pair of cable knit pillows that must be 15 years old. They still look as good as new.

cable knit pillow


cable knit pillow

I still even have the pattern I used to make them, which I found buried at the bottom of my knitting basket. It’s a great way to learn to cable:  Download cable knitting pattern here

cable knit pillow pattern

Maybe I need to break out the old knitting needles and knit some more!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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16 thoughts on “How to Knit Cable Knit Pillows

  1. I think that making a pillow would be an easy way to learn how to knit. No arm holes, necks or sizing to worry about.

    I had purchased some old sweaters from GW to make into pillows. HA! I can't even get that done… too busy blogging 😉

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    xoxo Bunny Jean
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  2. Thank you! I used to knit quite a bit, but let it go when it became cheaper to buy a ready-made piece than to knit one!! I'm so into knitting cushion covers though – thanks for the pattern & inspiration.


  3. Not many people can knit like that! The last time I tried to knit something I ended up with a strange trapezoidal wash cloth. I guess I will just have to admire your knitted pillow from afar. It is beautiful!

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