Decorating with House Plants

Dear Chicago House,

When I moved into you a little over a year ago I arrived with NONE of my gorgeous house plants. The removal company had I used had a driver discretion policy as to whether or not they would allow plants in their truck. You can guess which side of the plant  fence my truck driver sat. So at the last minute I gave away a 6ft ficus, luscious Boston ferns and a whole host of other lovey greenery. I was sad.

So have been slowly buying new house plants, but my goodness they can be expensive. So today here is a little tip on how to make those house plants go further.

This magic little number seems to thrive in your dark north facing kitchen, so much so, I pinched out the top a couple of weeks ago

and let it root in a small jar of water.

Today it is all potted up in a simple terracotta pot I dressed up with a few spots of paint.

You shall have greenery within your walls Chicago House!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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