21st Birthday Gift Ideas

So Miss Chicago has just turned 21 which makes me feel liked an old hag, but better to be an old hag than a dead hag!

I really struggled what to buy for this special birthday and Googling really didn’t help. So many of the gift ideas were booze themed or just plain stupid gag gifts and because I was having to mail this gift instead of personally delivering it, I was really not comfortable mailing something expensive like jewelry. Time to don my creative hat!

I picked up one of those free priority mail boxes from the post office – the ones that ship for a flat rate regardless of the weight. My plan was to buy 21 little gifts and stuff the box full! Mindful of the size of the box I shopped, wrapped and stuffed! Each gift was wrapped in tissue paper and I made little number labels 1 to 21.

21 gift ideas
21 gift ideas girl

So what did I buy?

  • Mini hand sanitizer
  • Mio drink mix
  • A car air freshener with a fancy holder ( Bath & Body works have a great range)
  • Victoria secrets mini roll-on perfume
  • Scented candle
  • Foaming charcoal face mask
  • Fancy hair treatment
  • Vodka liqueurs
  • Costume jewelry
  • Makeup palette
  • Can of rose wine ( who knew you could get wine in a can!)
  • Home made energy balls
  • Cork screw
  • bar of chocolate
  • Godiva birthday truffles
  • Underwear
  • Can of white wine
  • Tika Masala dinner ( Trader Joes rocks!)
  • Sephora face masks
  • Mesh bag for washing delicates
  • Mini cocktails

Buying little gifts for a girl is easy! She loved it and said it was really fun to open.

I also put together a photobook using Shutterfly. My original idea was do do a page for every year but that soon changed once I got going and was faced with choosing which photographs would make the cut. I have taken thousands of photographs. Instead I did themed pages,

  • Every birthday – the traditional picture in front of a magnificent cake!
  • First days of school – she never wanted her photo taken!
  • Getting Wheels – from a toddler ride on to her first car
  • Family
  • Travel
  • With pets
  • In the snow
  • On the beach
  • Baby teeth to grown up teeth
  • Every address she has called home ( 8 and counting!)
  • Dancing

Happy Birthday to my beautiful girl!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


2 thoughts on “21st Birthday Gift Ideas

  1. My daughter turns 21 and want to give her 21 gifts to unwrap why are numbers put on each gifts? Are gifts to be open all at once?

    1. The numbers have no relevance at all, it was just to make a point that there were 21 gifts! Happy birthday to your daughter!

    2. You can do a punch board (like on price is right) they punch out a number and it corresponds to the number on the gift and open that particular gift

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