Free Chicago Skyline Poster

Five years ago to the day we were in the midst of a polar vortex and Lake Michigan was a frozen wasteland. But with a so far, deliciously mild January, we are ice free, so lets celebrate with a FREE poster you can download of the magnificent Chicago skyline.

I really love vintage railway posters and took my inspiration from the style of those to create this. Click on the image to download a pdf which you can save and print out.

free chicago poster
free chicago poster

It looks stunning framed in a simple black frame!

Let me also give a shout out to Max Bender whose photograph I used as a starting point.

Love from

Creative in Chicago


2 thoughts on “Free Chicago Skyline Poster

  1. This is fantastic!!!I lived in Chicago for many years and this made me feel so nostalgic. I am making my foray into art quilting. Would you mind if I tried to make an art quilt representative of your beautiful creation? I will of course give you all the credit if I can do this project. Don’t think this is a big deal–it is to me but I am genuinely unsure if I can quilt this in such a way it will do justice to your picture. Good work and thank you for being so generous!

    1. What a great idea for a quilt… go for it and you have to send me a photograph once it’s done. Glad to have inspired you. Do you have a web site?

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