A Fall Craft- Sharpies and Conkers

The horse chestnut tree in my garden has been dropping it’s gorgeous shiny conkers all week and as beautiful as they are “au naturel “,


…I thought it would be fun to go to town with a white paint Sharpie and see what I could come up with!

conkers sharpies

conkers fall craft

fall craft conkers sharpies

The hardest part of this endeavor was getting the ink or “paint” to start flowing in my pen. After a good shake, things started flowing and there was no stopping me. Simple bold graphical patterns seemed to work best.

Piled on a simple white plate they make a stunning center piece for a fall table.

conkers fall craft

They almost look like really fancy chocolate truffles!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


p.s A big shout out to Mr Chicago House whose hands are modeling the conkers, and even graciously changed his shirt to accommodate my photo shoot. Miss Chicago teen would usually have been roped into this but she is off at college!

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