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It’s all change over at Creative in Chicago. I have given the blog a massive shake up with a new look and moved from Blogger to self hosted WordPress. After writing for over five years I am abandoning my “Dear Chicago House” intro as it doesn’t makeĀ  nearly as much sense as when I started this blog and was writing to my sad 1970’s Chicago house.

But enough waffle!

I thought I’d share with you today when my creative magic happens … my wonderful home office.

home office creative in chicago

This room has fantastic light with a vaulted ceiling and lots of space to spread out and make a mess. By day it is a web and graphic design studio for my company Indigo Image and works very well for client meetings.

But when business hours are over I can fling open my artsy closet and break out the paints, paper, hot glue gun, fabric scraps or whatever takes my fancy … I will let you into a secret … I did tidy up this closet ready for it’s closeup!art supply closet
The space has come a long way from it’s brown days and I have made all of the art work you can see on the walls.

Love from

Creative in Chicago


2 thoughts on “My Home Office

  1. Oh I love everything about your office.. It looks so lovely. Am planning to wrap some of my tin containers now.
    How did you made that “CREATE” searching for such a thing in India and cannot find anywhere! And how did you do those fishes , that big ball .. !

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