Secret Messages for Kids

Dear Chicago House,

What kid isn’t intrigued by secret messages and codes?  … I am a grown up and they still fascinate me!

I have been designing a collection for a while and have brought my first round together in a new web site called “Secret Messages for Kids” It is a fun site with lots to do.

Here are a few examples.

Use a piece of transparent red plastic to decode these Cosmic Color messages

secret messages for kids

A bit of nifty…but easy folding will reveal these clever Fancy Folding messages

secret messages for kids

Print out  grid decoder to crack these Groovy Grids

secret messages for kids

And some really simple folding to crack these “Mask Letters

secret messages for kids

The site also offer a Secret Message Master Challenge

secret messages for kids

Your kids will have fun! ..visit at Secret Messages for Kids

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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