The most difficult thing to paint!

Today I broke out my camera and photographed a series of paintings that earned Chloe an award at the Northern Suburban Conference Art Festival this past Spring.

For her art class she chose to paint a series of hands…because she wanted to challenge herself! Got to love that! If you have ever tried to draw a hand you will know just how difficult they are, painting is another story altogether.

The series features a chubby baby hand, a beautiful young hand(hers!) and a wrinkled old hand all with the same gemstone.

baby hand oil painting
oil painting of hand
old hand oil painting


mis chicago teen painting

The art award was well earned!


4 thoughts on “The most difficult thing to paint!

  1. I can’t imagine WHY most people think it’s so hard to draw hands? It’s EASY with practice, AND it’s easy to practice. You always have a “model”, with the other hand you’re not drawing with.

    1. True …but a lot of artists can struggle with hands. These were the first hands my daughter had ever painted!

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