What to do with your Sea Glass Collection

Dear Chicago House,

No trip to the beach is complete unless I come home with something in my pocket, it maybe a shell a beautiful pebble or if I am really lucky a stash of sea glass.
I am betting quite a few of you have a box of sea glass treasure like this from your summer vacation.

sea glass

It seems a shame to just leave such coveted gems locked away forgotten so here are some crafty ideas of what you can do with your collection.

Frame It

sea glass art

Buy a couple of shadow frames, stick your glass down on some heavy duty card and voila! I created two pictures with different colored tones of glass.

sea glass art

Display It

Fill little glass jars and display on a window ledge where the glass a catch the light.

sea glass

sea glass

Get Creative

Use your glass to design a creative mosaic. 

sea glass sea horse
sea glass sea horse


Love from
Creative in Chicago

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