DIY Coastal Art: A Fun Octopus

Dear Chicago House,

I watched a video the other day about an octopus that has been taught how to take photographs ( check it out here)

It inspired a sudden desire to draw an octopus but I took it a little further.

Want to make one of these yourself? on!

DIY Coastal Art: A Fun Octopus.

You will need

  • A piece of stiff cardboard – used the back cover of a notebook
  • School glue- I used Elmers
  • Heavy duty foil
  • Shoe polish
  • Oil Pastel sticks ( optional)
  1. Start by sketching out a basic octopus shape…I kept things simple
  2. Squeeze the glue straight from the bottle onto your design. Some of my dots bled but I thought it added to the design.
  3. Let to glue dry completely, I left mine overnight. The take a piece of heavy duty foil and stick into onto your cardboard. I used a glue stick but any glue would work.
    Now you need to really work the foil around your design elements. I used a q-tip and my fingers. Once you are happy wrap the foil edges around the board.
  4. Next apply several layers of black shoe polish using a soft rag

    I also added a bit of subtle color using oil pastel it is before I blended it it.

It made a nice addition to the coastal theme shelf I have in my home office


Love from Creative in Chicago


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