Breaking out the Paints

Dear Chicago House,

I have had so much work recently that it has been hard to find time for any extra curricular creative fun….but as a self employed web and graphic designer the last thing I want to do is complain!

I used to paint quite a bit but really haven’t picked up my paint brushes for quite a while…which is a shame because I love the peace painting a picture can bring.

But I did break them out one weekend and had a real desire to paint something green. Lets face it it, here in snowy Chicago we really can’t guarantee seeing anything green outside until mid April. Even as the snow melts this week what we are left with is brown sludge everywhere. Yuk!

This oil painting of a succulent might not be a masterpiece…but it is green and will have to tide me over

oil painting succulent


oil painting succulent

Miss Chicago teen has just finished a painting class at school and this is one of her oils where is had to incorporate a pattern into her painting. She also painted a set of hands which were amazing but she has not had them back yet so I can’t share…apparently they are on display at school!

abstract pattern poppy


Love from

Creative in Chicago


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