Getting Creative with Sharpies and Shells

Dear Chicago House,

I have a big box of shells in the garage that have been begging to see the light of day. They were not the loveliest of shells, just plain white and smooth  but with a flick of a Sharpy they are now really quite beautiful.

shells and sharpies
shells and sharpies

You don’t have to be a spectacular artist to create a set of your own, just select a color and start doodling.

shells and sharpies

I stuck to just one color for each shell for maximum impact.

shells and sharpies

and when I switched from blue to pink I changed my random patterns to valentine inspired hearts.

valentine shells with sharpies
sharpies and shells

But what to do with them?
If you made a load they would look pretty tumbled into a simple bowl, or how about a simple center piece?

shell center piece


Love from

Creative in Chicago

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26 thoughts on “Getting Creative with Sharpies and Shells

    1. I used the normal size sharpies, I imagine you could do more intricate designs with the thin ones so it depends on what you are going for! I’d love to see what you create

    1. You don’t really need anything but a coat of polyurethane would work. One of those spray ones would be super easy!

  1. I just love these shells! I paint and hide rocks but I live in a coastal community and shells are easy to come by I will definitely give it a go!

  2. Cute! Did you paint them white first? Or were they that consistent white color when you found the shells? If you painted, what did you use?

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