You Can Paint This!

Dear Chicago House,

Who knew a hail storm could inspire this

pointillism abstract flowers
hail storm

A little stumped by the connection? Lets look a little closer. Dots!

pointillism abstract flowers

This is a painting technique called pointillism and I gave a sneak peak to this piece six weeks ago. I thought it would take me quite a while to complete and I was right.

Here it is in it’s full glory

pointillism abstract flowers

It is a really easy technique to use.

How to paint a flower abstract using pointillism

    1. Start by roughly sketching out your flowers. I started at the center of each of my flowers and then simply added petals around my central point.
    2. You will need a fine paint brush and any sort of paint you like. I actually used drawing inks which were very easy to work with and produced a nice intensity of color.
    3. Start with one color and fill each of the petals with dots
      pointillism abstract flowers
  1. Use additional colors to add dimension. You can see I added orange dots on the inner edge of each petal and red dots on the outer edge.
    pointillism abstract flowers

    Here is the blue flower in progress

    pointillism abstract flowers

    I started with a base of blue dots and added yellow and green on the inner edge and more blue dots on the outer edge of each petal.

    pointillism abstract flowers

Give it a go…it is a good stress buster!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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