Secret Message Peg: Tutorial

Dear Chicago House,

Miss Chicago teen is sitting an AP exam today in European History.  I have to say she knows more about the history of Europe than I ever will .. even though I was born there.

This is the first AP exam she has sat and was a little anxious going to school today.  Maybe this little good luck token, hidden in her lunch bag, will bring a smile to her face. I hope so!

peg craft
peg craft

This was easy-peasy to make. Here is what I did.

You will need

  • 1 wooden peg or clothes pin
  • Thick paper
  • Fine black marker
  • Glue stick

Start by cutting a strip of paper about 1.5cm wide and fold it like this

peg craft

Put the folded paper into the peg and fold to create the envelope shape. Wrap around the peg and trim the flaps so they don’t hang off the edges.

peg craft

Now remove and create your inside message.

peg craft

Use a glue stick to secure the paper to the peg then draw your envelope.

peg craft
peg craft

Love from

Creative in Chicago

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