Treasure Alert: Linocuts and Prints

Dear Chicago House,

There is nothing like cold day (again) to go digging through an old box of treasures in the basement. Look what I found today, some old linocuts designs I carved many moons ago. What’s more I even found some prints I had made of them

Here is a linocut of some swirly flowers

linocut swirl block
linocut swirl block

and the prints

print from linocut  swirly flowers
print from linocut- swirly flowers

A lino cut of jumbled letters

linocut jumbled letters
linocut jumbled letters

and the prints

I used sheets of linoleum and removed the areas I wanted to show as white on my designs. The following video gives a really good overview of the techniques …although I findĀ  the design she used to illustrate the process rather macabre!

Miss Chicago teen has created quite a few linocuts at school but using a polymer material as the carving base…it is very easier and quicker to carve. I’ll post her designs another day!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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