Guess What… it is Snowing in Chicago Again.

Dear Chicago House,

I think it is fair to say I am officially fed up with winter and snow. I haven’t seen any grass since November, endured the wrath of  Polar Vortex. and lets face it, snow is not a good hair accessory for anyone. The only reason I am smiling in this photo is that I have finished clearing the drive…AGAIN!

snowy hair

And I really didn’t want to have to dig out my mail box but it looked like this….sigh.

burried mail box

But snow does offer some good photo opportunities. My front door mat is sporting an interesting look today.

snowy mat

Roll on spring.

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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3 thoughts on “Guess What… it is Snowing in Chicago Again.

  1. My teen was getting ready for school while I cleared the drive, Mr Chicago House was down in FL on a business trip. I got the bum end of the deal I think!

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