Make these Fun Jello Wedges

Dear Chicago House,

Jello wedges in orange cases

These are fun to make and an interesting addition to the spread of food Chicago teen had at her Sweet Sixteen last weekend.

How to make jello wedges


  • 5 Oranges
  • 3 packs of Jello ( or if you are from the uk like me you call it jelly!)

Make up the Jello following the instructions for jigglers…this uses less water and makes “stronger” jello. Cut each orange in half and scoop out the flesh, a knife is good to get started . Put orange flesh in a bowl and gorge on it throughout the day!

Set the orange cases in a pan, use a size so that they all fit snugly, and fill each orange with Jello

Jello wedges in orange cases

Once set use a really sharp knife to cut into wedges

Jello wedges in orange cases
Jello wedges in orange cases

Eat and enjoy!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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