Tutorial: Shell Napkin Rings

Dear Chicago House,

Here is another easy project to glam up a coastal table setting – DIY Shell Napkin Rings

diy shell napkin ring

You will need

  • Small shells
  • Drill (optional depending on your shells)
  • polyurethane spray
  • very thin elastic
To make this project super easy try to collect shells that already have holes in them. Once you start looking it is surprising how many shells nature has already prepared ! If you can’t find any “nature drilled” shells you will have to drill them yourself.
This is a good video which shows you how.


Before constructing your napkin rings lay all of your shells on a piece of cardboard in a well ventilated area and give them a spray with polyurethane, This seals the shells and makes the colors more vibrant.

Once dry you can start threading your shells onto lengths of thin elastic. Knot ends of elastic together when you have reached the desired length.

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Creative in Chicago


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