How to Make a Halloween Pop up Card

Dear Chicago House,

I can not take credit for this fantastic pop up haunted house card, it all goes to Chicago Teen.

pop up haunted house halloween card

She decided she’d like to have a Halloween party this year so has been busy planning it…check out the Halloween board she has created on Pinterest. Now I have to say she never does anything by halves and when it came to creating an invitation only something fabulous would do.

pop up haunted house halloween card

With a friend they made a whole bundle…it took a long time I can tell you!

But I do have permission from her to share with you how to make one of your own …and I have even created a free template to make it a bit easier.

How to make a pop up haunted house Halloween card

What you’ll need

  • Card stock in 8″x11″ We used green orange and purple
  • Construction paper in a selection of colors. We used and black, brown, green and white paper to construct the pop up house.
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife
  • Glue e.g Elmers glue or Tacky glue
  • Plenty of time!

Start by downloading and printing this template.

Use the template to cut out the shapes you will need on construction paper. You can use scissors to do most of the cutting but you will need an exacto knife to create the “railings”

You can embellish the windows, shutters and roof with a  black pen ..squiggles to represent tiles on the roof, a cross for the windows and some horizontal lines for the shutters.

Don’t you love it!

Also check out the fabulous food she made for the party

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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