Fabric Covered Magazine Files: Tutorial

Dear Chicago House,

One of my favorite things about living in Chicago is that I can nip to an Ikea in 25 minutes.

On my last visit, I picked up a couple of packets of FLYT magazine files with the objective of injecting a bit of organization into corners of home chaos. They were cheap, functional but a little bit boring… so I transformed them into these!

fabric covered ikea magazine files

 Gorgeous fabric covered boxes

fabric covered ikea magazine files

fabric covered ikea magazine files

Now I know you are just dying to rush out and make you own, so to make it easier here is is a step by step photo tutorial:

How to cover IKEA FLYT magazine files with fabric

What you need

  • Fabric of your choice. I used two patterns 
  • Glue- Tacky Glue works really well
  • Parchment paper for template

fabric covered ikea magazine files tutorial 

Love from Creative in Chicago XX

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6 thoughts on “Fabric Covered Magazine Files: Tutorial

  1. If you want to go really inexpensively you can use cereal boxes. They aren't as strong as the magazine boxes but they are great for construction paper, sewing patterns, plastic page protectors, etc. and they're free. I used wallpaper from outdated sample books to cover them with which helps strengthen the boxes because the wallpaper is more sturdy than other papers or even fabrics. Many wallpapers are self gluing but I found it's easier to slightly dampen the paper and then use a good glue and let dry completely. If book ends are used or the boxes completely fill a shelf from left to right they work very well.

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