A Snapshot of Amish Countryside

Dear Chicago House,

With Miss Chicago Teen going back to school on Thursday it feels like summer is rapidly coming to a close…we will be going back to schedules, alarm clocks and just being busy, busy, busy, all of the time.

Maybe the Amish of Pennsylvania have the right idea, they are not constantly interrupted by the phone/email and racing around at 100 mph. The farm below has no inside plumping, electricity or phone and their mode of transport is a buggy.

amish farm
amish buggy

Life has to move at a slower pace for them. But seems they do have a creative side…take a look at this fantastic cockerel painted on the side of an old  barn.

barn mural

It was one of the treasures we found while exploring the PA countryside when I visited our new house a few weeks back. Miss Teen found it all a bit boring but I am pretty sure indulging Mum in a visit to a covered bridge beats going back to school!

covered bridge in PA

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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