A Magical Mystery Tour and Vintage Glass

Dear Chicago House,

Last week Chicago teen and I went on “a magical mystery tour” and ended up in an antique barn in Volo.The barn is a bit creepy but is jam packed full of vintage bits and bobs which are interesting to peruse.

Naturally, after my confession about blue and green, I was drawn to a gorgeous shelf of vintage blue and green bottles…

wintage blue and green bottles


vintage blue and green bottles

and when I saw this shelf of mason jars I had to snap a picture for my blogger friend Linda who has unleashed her creative talents on all things mason jar and recently started a new blog, Mason Jar Crafts Love

vintage mason jars


vintage mason jars

Chicago teen and I got a bit creeped out as we wandered around, the barn was very quiet and when we got to this top room Miss teen refused to go in…I did, but had an overwhelming desire to leave …I made it about half way down the room and turned back.

I don’t generally get spooked out by things like this so it was odd. The weird thing is that when we later looked up the barn online we found  pictures of this very room claiming it was haunted wwwwooohooooooo

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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