A Novel Center Piece for a Fall Table

Dear Chicago House,

This year the conker tree in your garden has produced a staggering 40 lbs of conkers. Quite amazing really considering  last your it did not produce a single one.




Now of course I can’t possibly pass up the opportunity to make something with these shiny chestnut orbs, so I took a little inspiration from this acorn vase.

The result, a pretty center piece for a fall table.
conker candle center piece
This was very easy to make…I just glued conkers onto an plastic old flower pot, filled it with acorns and shoved a candle in.

conker candle center piece


Now because I used acorns as a filler this little beauty will stay outside on my patio table…the acorns are full of grubs and I don’t want them having a party in my dining room.

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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