A Stencil Some Fabric Scraps = A Magic Pillow

Dear Chicago House,

Remember that stencil I won and used to create a piece of art work for my office,

wall art made from stencil

well I have been itching to have a go at stenciling some fabric ever since.

When I tore the disgusting drapes down from your windows when we first moved in, I had plans for selling them. But there were no takers ( surprise surprise!) so I salvaged all the lining and tossed the 1980’s curtains.
Now this stash of white fabric has been quite useful. I have already used it to make some Word Art pillows and it was the perfect fabric to have a play around with my stencil.

I gave the fabric a good iron and taped in onto a large wooden board ( a piece of crappy old basement paneling) Stenciling onto fabric was a lot easier that working on paper as I suffered no edge bleed.

I worked with just a single color – just a regular acrylic craft paint. Once the paint was dry I gave the fabric another good iron to fix the paint. To be honest I don’t know for certain how well this will stand the test of time but what I do know is if I ever get any acrylic art paint on my clothes it NEVER washes out.

I cut out two 19″ squares and quickly ran up a pillow cover on my sewing machine.

Pillow magic and as Mr Chicago House said, diamonds are forever, I think he liked it!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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8 thoughts on “A Stencil Some Fabric Scraps = A Magic Pillow

  1. So totally cute! Love that the stencil is a small graphic pattern, simple & modern with a touch of retro feel … think that style of stencil works really well to create a fabric pattern. You did a great job creating art with the stencil as well. Hard to believe from the photo that your house was dark, brown and boring when you bought it … so airy and fresh in the photo today 🙂


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