Use a Stencil to Create Wall Art

Dear Chicago House,

I am a little behind at sharing a new piece of art that is gracing your office walls, but better late than never.

A few weeks ago I won a shopping spree at Cutting Edge Stencils and this is what I got.

stencil wall art

I know the trend is to stencil an entire wall but I thought I’d try something a little different and make a simple piece of wall art. I started by having a a bit of a play around as I decided I wanted a multi colored effect but didn’t quite know what direction I wanted to take.

I selected four craft acrylic paints and got to work.

stencil wall art

It took me a while to establish the type of design and to optimize the load of paint on my stencil brush so I did not get an edge bleed.

stencil wall art

But I got there in the end and went for a color gradient effect going from turquoise blue to a grass green.

stencil wall art

And here it is on the wall …impossible to photograph without a reflection on the glass but that’s what you get if your office has a load of windows. I am not complaining! I really like the way it compliments the other art I have on the wall. This office really has come a long way from it’s brown days,

I’d like to try creating a fabric with the stencil yet, what do you think?

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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