Make your Geraniums Last Forever and More Gardening Tips

Dear Chicago House,

I do love a bit of gardening but plants are so expensive.

You have quite a big garden and during my first spring here I excitedly waited for things to burst fourth from the ground, what delights would I see? But alas there was hardly anything, you had been hiding no perennials …except a single patch of these lovelies…

pink peonies macro


pink peonies


pink peony

Beautiful pink peonies.

The single plant was in dire need to splitting so came fall I dug it up, gently split up the roots (tubas ??) and replanted them around the garden … Now I am in a pink paradise with pops of pink everywhere… and I didn’t spend a dime. Score!

But the pink points don’t stop there. Take a look at these geraniums

over wintered geraniums

Would you believe me if I told you they had spent the winter in a brown paper bag in my garage? Well that is their story!

Last fall I dug up all the geraniums I had planted the previous spring, gently shook the soil from the roots and then encased each plant in a brown paper bag, stapling it shut. The bags lived in a closet in the garage the entire winter, I didn’t open them until a few weeks ago. I must admit the plants looked rather bedraggled but they all had a few green buds. I cut away all the obvious dead bits  planted then and hoped for the best. Bingo more free plants!

Mr Chicago House told me his Granny used to dig up her geraniums every year and wrap them in newspaper until the following spring. Her little London garden was overflowing with them.

I wonder how many years I can make these geraniums last?

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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10 thoughts on “Make your Geraniums Last Forever and More Gardening Tips

  1. This is our first year in our house, and it's been like a surprise party, seeing what comes up in the garden this spring. We've got a big old peony patch–now I know what I might do with them. Thanks!

  2. What a great tip. Is your garage heated? Did you water them at all when they were in the bag? I think I am going to try this!

    Thanks for sharing and linking to the party!


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