A Bling Pencil Pot For My Office

Dear Chicago House,

It seems I never have enough containers to keep my pencils so this week I rustled up a little something for my desk

Welcome to a bling pencil pot! If you think you have seen one of these before, you are right check out another one here.

bling pencil pot

Want to make one?

It is easy, here is what you will need.

1 clean can
Decorative vase fillers – marbles
Nail varnish
a sheet of white paper
Modge podge
Hot glue gun

  1. Start by painting the backs of the marbles with your choice of nail varnish, I picked two blue (to compliment the decor in my office) but any colors will work
  2. Cover the tin can with white paper, inside and out sticking it with Modge podge
  3. Cover the can with your tinted marbles – use a hot glue gun

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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9 thoughts on “A Bling Pencil Pot For My Office

  1. Zoe,

    I'm just curious. When you posted these did you name them bling_pencil_pots 🙂

    Love the project.

    Love all the tips you gave over at Sarah's.


  2. Zoe,

    This is amazing. I've been collecting my soup cans wondering what to do with them. Now I know exactly what to do with them! I'm pinning this too. I see lots of fun colored tin can vases and pencil holders and etc. holders for my daughter's room.

    And a question. Did you paint the silver ones? Or did you find them like that.



  3. I have become a bit of a can hoarder too, I have a few more projects to share…but not got round to it yet..WORK BUSY…sigh. The silver marbles were already like that so I didn't paint them. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your cans.

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