Blogging Help over at Trade School

Dear Chicago House,

I am over at Adventures of our Family today giving a little blogging advice on what you can do to make your images more friendly to the search engines.

Hop on over and join the lesson …its even got a video!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


p.s. I have started a new Pinterest board just for blogging advice.

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5 thoughts on “Blogging Help over at Trade School

  1. Zoe,

    I ran right over here after I read your post over at Sarah's. You are AMAZING! I want to try the alt tag thing, but the video would not download (I tried four times…:) Do you have a link I could read about it? I am so fascinated by this topic and I think you need to do an entire series on tips to optimize blog traffic and downloading speed…..or maybe an e-book on this.


    I think it is something so many of us overlook 🙂 Right now my site is downloading slowly on certain browsers, for example, and I don't know how to speed it up!

    Just wanted you to know that you have another avid reader!


  2. Zoe,

    This tutorial ROCKS! Seriously. I always get so excited when I learn something new. That alt tag thingy? No idea! So tempted to open up each and every photo on my blog and insert alt tags!

    So I FB'd it from Sarah's. And then I shared with a group of bloggers on a private FB page we have. And if I can figure this out, I'll tweet it too. Oh, and pin. I need to pin!



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