Swirly Paintings Lost in the Closet

Dear Chicago House,

I have lived in you for 18 months and you’d think that would have given me plenty of time to sort out cupboards that got randomly “populated” on “moving in” day. But no, I was so impatient to get rid of the moving boxes that I emptied everything as fast as I could and lots of things get shoved into closets. I am human and there are a few areas that still need some work!

So today while looking for something “lost” I came across a roll of long forgotten paintings.

swirl painting rolls

I painted these during my spiral era ( ha ha how arty farty!) while I was living just outside Brussels in Belgium, many, many moons ago.   I seem to remember being very inspired by the plentiful wrought iron scroll work I saw on my trips into the city to meet with my French tutor (who liked to share with me the details of her sex life…in French of course!)

swirls blue yellow

We were renting a very vanilla villa at the time and hence my need for color (or to use the correct English spelling colour)

swirls red green
swirls orange green
swirls red blue

They are painted in acrylic but on junky moving packing paper. Come to think of it I still have a thing for spirals with a Pinterest board dedicated to them.

Have you found anything interesting in your closets?

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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6 thoughts on “Swirly Paintings Lost in the Closet

  1. Hi I'm Veronica from Argentina, I love those papers with psychedelic design, are loving and very colorful, I congratulate you for sharing your creativity. Kisses.

  2. I recently found a tube in the closet.
    Inside was a print we bought on our honeymoon in Santa Fe.

    When we bought it, we thought we were getting a print. Instead, I opened it last week and found (I don't know the name of them…) and poster ad for a art festival – showing the dates and location. The "signed copy" we purchased was signed by the person who did the fontography and design for the poster. I suppose this is common and I should have known what I was getting. But, we'd never bought art from a fair before.

    Ah, well.
    Turns out the art they used on it (the part I loved and thought I was getting a print of) is from someone who has a few books out. I'm going to get a used copy and frame some of the pages. 🙂


  3. So fun! When I hear Brussels I only think of when I was moving back to the US from a year in Switerland, layover in Brussels, back in the day you could bring liquids on board…and all of my bottles of wine gifts were broken going through security. My little cousins then commented that all of their chocolates had a funny flavor. Or, should I say, flavour. 🙂

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