Presenting Arty Farty Friday #1

Dear Chicago House,

Do you know, it is about time I got this blog in some sort of order, I faff about here and there, have no regular posting schedule and no regular posting subjects.  So in an effort to provide a little (just a little mind you) order I am going to introduce a regular feature.

Presenting “Art Farty Friday”

My post on paintings lost in the closet has sort of spurred me on as I realized I have an absolute wealth of art work crammed into portfolios and drawers ( thank goodness for the art room and all its lovely storage in the basement.)

Each week I am going to share with you a painting, sketch, drawing or any other arty farty creation that has come from my diseased mind, and looking though my collection today some of them are decidedly odd.

I don’t want to scare you away with anything too weird to start so let kick this off with a vibrant chalk pastel.

I think this would make a great fabric for a throw pillow. What do you think?

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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