A Bit of Bling on the Bathroom Wall

Dear Chicago House,

I know, I know  it takes me ages to get around to actually finishing a room and I seem to flit from room to room “faffing about”

Today I am “faffing about” in the master bathroom

Chicago teenager was playing around with some bling vase fillers (I used to create a makeup brush container for her bathroom) She came up with a simple yet sophisticated pattern so it got hot glued down and framed in a shadow box.  (I have to give her credit otherwise she goes all teenager moody on me!)

bling art


bling art

It’s a cinch!

And here it is in place. Now those tiles have a lot to be desired and I suppose eventually we will get around to doing something about them. In the mean time I love how the bling art just gives the wall some subtle texture and maintains the zen type atmosphere I am going for in there.

bling bathroom art

Gotta love a bit of bling…how about you?

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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14 thoughts on “A Bit of Bling on the Bathroom Wall

  1. I've seen a couple new craft blogs using these little glass marbles, and they're seemingly a great craft material. I've always used them to fill vases and things of that nature, but they work well with a lot of other things too. This would be a great project for a group craft night/make & take. Thanks for the inspiration!!! 😉

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