Sea Glass Wall Art

Isn’t it lovely how other bloggers can give you ideas. After seeing Karah’s huge stash of sea glass this week (look at the glass vessel next to the TV) I was inspired to create something with the box of beach glass treasure I have collected over the years, in a quest to create some art work for my newly painted office.

beach glass finds

I started by sorting out my sea glass collection into two colored piles. The first pile of sea glass had blue green hues and the second brown hues. Then I took some thick water color paper, drew a 12″ x 12″ square and randomly started sticking down my pieces with modge podge . I added translucent pieces to each creation and the brown hued piece also got a tiny sprinkling of green beach glass to make it pop a bit more.

sea glass wall art
sea glass wall art
sea glass wall art

Two shadow boxes from Ikea later and I have at last done something with my sea or beach glass. Just waiting to get all the other art work done before I hang it on the wall.

sea glass beach glass framed sea glass
Framed Sea Glass

And what is sea glass without an arty shot.

framed sea glass
Framed Sea Glass

I might be over 1000 miles from the sea but I have a little reminder soon to be hung on my walls.

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sea glass wall art

24 thoughts on “Sea Glass Wall Art

  1. What a great idea! I love collecting beach glass. Did you "paint" the entire paper with modge podge before sticking on the glass, or just adhere each piece individually? I'm going to try this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi do you think spraying adhesive to the paper first and sprinkling sand over it then adding the glass would work. That is would the glass adhere to the sand? Also, do you spray the sea glass afterwards with some sort of acrylic to give it a shiny look? Love your projects!

  3. Hi Rhonda, It's funny that you bring this up because it is something I have been thinking of doing. I think it is worth a try. I don't spray the glass with anything…I quite like the matt look it has

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